Here I would like to address some FAQs (frequently asked questions) and address some that are not so frequently asked as well:

Question:  What type of massages do you do?
Answer:  I do Swedish and Sports massages (Swedish is more for relaxation, Sports is more for muscle tension).  I tailor each massage for each client based on that client's needs, which can involve varying combinations of Swedish and Sports massages.

Question:  What do you wear during a massage session?
Answer:  I always wear a tank top, shorts, and sneakers when I massage clients.

Question: Can I be nude and undraped?
Answer:  You may be nude or have a towel on during a massage session (whichever you are most comfortable with).  I have some massage clients who are nudists and I see nothing wrong with them preferring themselves to be nude and undraped during their massage session.

Question:  What if I get an erection during a massage?
Answer:  Sometimes guys get an erection during a massage -- if that does happen, there is nothing at all to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.  If you get an erection during a massage, just take it as a sign that you have healthy blood flow -- so just relax and don't worry about it :)

Question:   Does it matter what my sexual orientation is?
Answer:  Your sexual orientation is irrelevant to receiving a great massage from me :)  I have clients that are straight, gay, and bisexual, and I like to provide an environment that is welcoming to all of my clients regardless of their sexual orientation (as well as race/ethnicity, etc.).

Question:  Does it matter what my age is?
Answer:  I have clients of  a wide variety of ages, and massages are great for people of all ages.  So your age doesn't matter, and I accept people of all ages :)

Question:  How long have you been doing massages?
Answer:  I have been performing massage therapy for over 16 years since February 1998

Question:  What are the benefits of massage therapy?
Answer:  There are numerous benefits of massage therapy, such as:
- Helps relieve stress and aids relaxation
- Helps relieve muscle tension and stiffness
- Fosters faster healing of strained muscles and sprained ligaments; reduces pain and swelling; reduces formation of excessive scar tissue
- Improves blood circulation
- Reduces blood pressure
- Helps relieve tension-related headaches
- Enhances the health and nourishment of skin
- Strengthens the immune system
- Helps relieve mental stress
- Satisfies human need for caring nurturing touch
- Fosters a feeling of well-being
- Reduces levels of anxiety

Question:  Do you use a massage table?  Is it heated?
Answer:  Yes, I use an oversized and padded Custom Craftworks massage table that is wider-than-normal for your added comfort.  My massage table is also electrically-heated so that you don't get chilly and ensures your muscles remain warm and relaxed.  And if necessary, I also have an electrically heated blanket.

Question:  How light or dark is it inside your massage room?
Answer:  I keep the lights off in the massage room with only 1 lit candle, so it is fairly dark and conducive to relaxation :)

Question:  I would like to have no talking during a massage and  "zone out" -- is that OK?
Answer:  Yes, that is completely OK :)  I am very "go with the flow" with my massage clients in regards to talking or not talking during a massage.  If you are initiating a conversation during a massage, I will respond.  If you are not talking and quiet, I will let you remain quiet and "zone out" :)

Question:  Where do you perform massages?  Is your area safe?
Answer:  I live in a luxury high-rise apartment building and I have a room that is a full-fledged  massage studio.  In addition to my electrically-heated massage table and face cradle with a cool gel pack,  You can read more about my location and various traveling times at http://www.healthymassages.com/location.html  Regarding the safety of my area, it's quite safe.  My area has undergone a ton of new construction (luxury highrise apartments, restaurants, shops, and movie theaters) in 2004 succeeding the new construction of the nearby Discovery Channel world headquarters. 

Question:  What is parking like?
There is a multi-level public parking garage next to my building with plenty of parking spaces, as well as metered street parking.  Parking is FREE in that garage and at the street meters on weekends and federal holidays, and free after 6pm on weeknights for street meters -- and free after 7pm in the multi-level public parking garage.  However, if you are driving and schedule a massage appointment outside of those "free" time parameters, I can arrange free parking for you inside my building.

Question:  Do you use oil for massaging?  Do you use scents?
Answer:  I use a relatively non-greasy massage creme from Biotone (Biotone's Advanced Massage Therapy creme) -- it is hypoallergenic and UNscented and it has a similar glide to massage oil, but without the heavy greasy feeling of oil.  You'll actually find that at the end of your massage you will have very little to wipe off and you can comfortably put your clothes on without showering.   However, one thing that I do use that is scented is the Body Shop's refreshing peppermint footspray on my clients' feet before applying Biotone massage creme to their feet..

Question: Do you do aromatherapy?
Answer:  The closest thing I do to aromatherapy is have a couple of NEST luxury brand scented candles illuminated -- usually Tahiti Vanille for the massage room and Pumpkin Chai in my kitchen (but sometimes I use other NEST candle scents to mix things up).  The NEST candles smell amazing and are conducive to a luxurious relaxing massage :)

Question:  What body parts do you massage?
Ansewr:  I massage the following body parts during a massage:  neck, back, glutes, legs, feet, arms, hands, chest, stomach.

Question:  I have ticklish feet -- can you skip my feet during the massage?
Answer:  I actually use a NON-ticklish foot massage technique that even some of the most skeptical people with ticklish feet have been pleasantly surprised with.  I, too, have ticklish feet and the technique works fine on me :)  However, if you want me to skip your feet, I will respect that request.

Question:  Is there anything I need to do to prepare for a massage?
Answer:  Usually it's best to have a massage on a stomach that is not stuffed -- so basically you don't want to have a big meal right before a massage appointment -- and conversely you don't want to arrive for a massage feeling hungry either.  As with most things in life, moderation is key :)  Also, please take a shower before you come over for a massage (your good hygiene is greatly appreciated:).  However, I do have a shower you can use if necessary (for either before and/or after a massage).

Question:  Are you discreet?
Answer:  I do respect people's privacy so any concerns you may have about discretion are unnecessary :)  I have high-profile clients as well as guy-next-door clients and I respect all of their privacy. 

Question:  Do you do massage trades?
Answer:  No, I don't do massage trades since I have someone who I gladly pay to give me a massage.  However, you are more than welcome to schedule an appointment with me to receive a massage from me :)

Question:  What do I need to bring with me to a massage appointment?
Answer:  Just bring yourself and cash :)  I will provide you with towels and Evian spring water.

Question:  Do you accept personal checks or credit cards?
Answer:  To keep things simple I accept cash only.

Question:  What are your massage rates?
Answer:  My rates for incalls at my place are:
$90 for 1 hour (cash only)
$120 for 1 1/2 hours (cash only)
$160 for 2 hours (cash only)
The vast majority of my clients schedule 1 1/2 hour appointments.  However, an increasing number of people schedule 2 hour sessions that I started offering in 2004 (per my clients' requests for me to offer 2 hour sessions) for the ultimate in combatting stress and achieving total relaxation.

Question:  Do I have to tip or is that already included in the price of a massage?
Answer:  Tips are not included in my prices, but you are not required to tip.  However, if you feel you want to show your appreciation for a massage done well, you are welcome to offer a tip if you desire :)

Question:  Is there a sales tax charge on the massage rate?
Answer:  No, you will not be charged a sales tax.

Question:  Do you offer any discounts?
Answer:  I treat all of my clients equally, and therefore the same rate applies to everyone :)

Question:  Can you do an outcall massage to my home or hotel?
Answer:  I only perform incall appointments at my place -- I do not travel to perform outcall massages.

Question:  What is your availability?
Answer:  You can read detailed information about my availability at http://www.healthymassages.com/avail.html

Question:  What if I am late for an appointment or need to cancel my appointment?
Answer:  If you are late for an appointment, I will try to accommodate you, schedule permitting. However, if my schedule does not allow for this type of accommodation, you will still be given the same time slot and your appointment will be shortened. For example, if you are 15 minutes late for a 90 minute appointment, you will receive a 75 minute massage and you will be charged for the 90 minute appointment you booked.

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for a cancellation via a phone call only (not via a text message or email).. If less than 24 hours notice is given, you will be billed and expected to pay the full amount for the session.

Question:  Can you tell me more about yourself?  Do you have more photos of yourself?
Answer:  You can read more about me and see more photos of me at http://www.healthymassages.com/me.html

Question:  What do your clients say about your massages?
Answer:  I've received a ton of positive feedback from my massage clients -- you can read a sampling of what some of my clients have emailed me after receiving a massage from me at http://www.healthymassages.com/comments.html

Question:  How can I schedule a massage appointment with you?
Answer:  You may either call or text my cell phone @ 202.903.7700  -- or you may email me at HealthyMassageDC@gmail.com and please include the following information:
1) your first name + phone # (cell # preferred)
2) whether you want a 1 hour, 1.5 hour, or 2 hour session
3) what days/times you are open to
4) whether you would be taking the subway or driving (and from what area)
5) if you leave voicemail or a text message, please also include your email address.

Question:  How far in advance should I schedule an appointment with you?
Answer:  Ideally, I would recommend contacting me at least 3 to 5 days in advance.  However, sometimes I am able to take a same-day request, but to improve your odds of getting an appointment with me the earlier you contact me the better your odds :)

Question:  Can I recommend you to my friends?
Answer:  Sure!  Feel free to email them my web site www.healthymassages.com or give them my cell phone # 202.903.7700

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